FLOWBAT. Our New Interdisciplinary Technological Platform (PTI) (CSIC) on Flow Batteries

FLOWBAT is a newly created Plataforma Tecnológica Interdisciplinar (PTI) Funded by CSIC, formed by a multidisciplinary group of centers and coordinated by Ricardo Santamaría from INCAR(CSIC) (Oviedo)

Picture of many of the members of the project at the kick-off meeting in Zaragoza (Sept 19, 2019)

Working on the development of large-scale energy storage demonstrators, with state of the art all-vanadium RFB at the core, but also exploring novel materials for novel Flow Cells.

CIDETEC Award for Research in Electrochemistry.

July 6, 2017

In a ceremony taking place during the Meeting of the Grupo Especializado de Electroquímica de la RSEQ , on 5th of July 2017, prof. Pedro Gomez-Romero received the CIDETEC award for research in electrochemistry, rewarding his group work on “hybrid materials for hybrid energy storage” (2013-2016). The award (including a diploma and a bronze sculpture by Tomas Ugartemendia) was presented by Dr. Javier Rodriguez, Director general de CIDETEC (photograph).Dr. Javier Rodriguez, Director general de CIDETEC(left) and Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero