Research Overview

We bring together expertise in Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Electrochemistry and Polymer Chemistry and put it to work for energy-related applications. We actively work on various research projects on energy storage and conversion, an increasingly strategic area which urgently needs fundamental improvements. We design and synthesize new materials, including hybrid nanocomposites, with a strong emphasis on structural control at the microscale and the meso-nanoscale. This work forms the basis for the development of complex, polymaterial architectures conceived and optimized for use in rechargeable batteries (Li, Na, Zn), supercapacitors and hybrid energy storage devices.

In addition we are developing two emerging lines on Nanofluids and nanopastes. The first one deals with their design and application as Heat Transfer Fluids or as electroactive fluids, whereas the second represents the first-time development of large, bulk electrode-electrolytes for the fabrication of fast-charging cells.

The following is a list of our recent active projects and topics:


Nanopeistorage Proyecto “Electrodos hibridos en forma de nanopastas para Almacenamiento hibrido de energía” PID2021-128390OB-I00. Proyectos de Generación de Conocimiento 202. Modalidad: Investigación Orientada Tipo B. IP Pedro Gómez Romero, 121,000 euros. 11/2022 – 10/2025

POMEZAB. Proyecto TED Coordinado “Bateria Zn-aire a pH quasi-neutro asistida por polyoxometalatos”. TED2021-130205B-C21. SUB 1 y Coordinador: Pedro Gomez-Romero. SUB 2: Nieves Casañ-Pastor. 2 años: 01/2023-12/2024

Proyecto Europeo (Horizon EU) 2DMATSAT En fase de evaluación (RIA CL4) IP (ICN2) Pedro Gómez-Romero.

Recognized Research Groups by GenCat 2021 SGR 01244 G63277776. Novel-Energy Oriented Materials. Pedro Gomez-Romero. Resol. 2023

REVOLT. Proyecto Lineas Estratégicas (Spain) PLEC2022-009328 Re-EVOLución de la Tecnología de baterías. Desarrollo integral de celdas híbridas basadas en electrodos/electrolitos Tri-dimensionales construidos a partir de nanomateriales (REVOLT) ICN2 IP: Pedro Gómez-Romero


HarveStorage Proyecto Plan Nacional “Materiales y componentes híbridos para supercondensadores y dispositivos integrados de “harvesting” y almacenamiento”. IP Pedro Gómez Romero. RTI2018-099826-B-I00. Jan 2019- Dec 2021.

Proyecto “Programass” Referència; 001-P-001702 – GraphCat. Convocatòria tecnologies emergents 2018.  Pedro Gómez-Romero, Raúl Benages-Vilau

Proyecto “Autograph” Referència; 001-P-001702 – GraphCat. Convocatòria tecnologies emergents 2018.  Pedro Gómez-Romero, Raúl Benages-Vilau.

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