PATENT Electroactive Nanofluid Flow Cells

Graphene-based Electroactive Nanofluids for Energy Storage

Researchers from the Spanish National Research Council at the Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia- CIN2 (CSIC) and the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) have recently developed a novel type of nanocarbon-based fluids for energy storage in flow cells. They can be used for a wide range of systems that require high power and medium energy densities such as distributed and smart grid applications, stand-alone power systems, load leveling, uninterruptible power supply, etc. The technology has been proved as a prototype and shows high performance, fast charge-discharge and efficient cyclability (98% after 1.500 cycles).

Industrial partners are being sought to collaborate and/or exploit the existing know-how through a patent license agreement.

Leaflet IG_045_EP201530693-PedroGómez

High performance flow supercapacitor

Energy storage is in the midst of a revolutionary change which will turn it into a key factor within the upcoming sustainable energy model. Among Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems (EES), redox flow batteries are considered the strongest technology to tackle higher-power applications at a low cost. Their feasible design makes it suitable for their use a wide range of systems that require high power and medium energy densities such us distributed and smart grid applications, However, the limited solubility of electroactive solutions hinders their energy density.

Electroactive Nanofluids (ENFs) can provide a higher concentration of active material and higher energy density. Also capacitive nanocarbon provides a fast energy storage mechanism.

The novel nanocarbon-based fluids are based on dispersions of electroactive nanoparticles in an electrolytic solution that makes it suitable for fast electrical energy storage in flow cells with high-power storage comparable to state-of-the-art supercapacitors plus increased energy density (10KW/Kg; 100 Wh/Kg).

Main advantages and applications

The novel storage technology can be used in systems that require high power and medium Energy densities such as distributed and smart grid applications, stand-alone power systems, load balancers, uninterruptible power supply UPSs, as well as in ones that demand a fast and refuelling recharge like flow cells batteries, automobiles, etc.

The main advantages are:

  • High Performance (170 F/g(C)),13 Wh/Kg(C)
  • Faster charge/discharge than conventional batteries 450W/kg (C) and high lifetime.
  • Efficient cyclability (98% after 1.500 cycles).
  • Low cost and highly stable electroactive nanofluids.
  • Easily scalable and modular

Patent Status
European Priority Patent.

For further information please contact
Isabel Gavilanes-Pérez, PhD.
Deputy Vice-Presidency for
Knowledge Transfer, CSIC.
Tel.: +34 – 93 594 77 00
Fax: +34 – 93 580 14 96


CIENCIATECA.COM a 1.0 popular science site with great contents

cienciateca_thumbWe are working on a 2.0 site. But in the meanwhile you can browse its great contents.



Graphene @  TEDx conference

“All their is inside a pencil” A TEDx conference in Peralada (Girona) by Pedro Gomez-Romero (English)

lapiz Quino


Nanociencia para la Energía.  El futuro de la Energía se escribe con tecnología pequeña (Español)

Publicado el 8 jul. 2014

Entrevista de Luis Quevedo a Pedro Gómez-Romero del ICN2 [Institut Català de Nanociències i Nanotecnologia, en Barcelona]. Pedro Gómez-Romero nos habla sobre su trabajo en nanomateriales para almacenamiento y conversión de energía y  el futuro de la red eléctrica transformada en “smart grid”.

Pint of Science. Power to the People. Vatios para una vida mejor.

Monday , May 18 2015, at the BlackLab bar in Barcelona.  Pedro Gomez-Romero “Power to the People. Vatios para una vida mejor”

Esta pinta de conocimiento compartido va de energía. La energía que mantiene en marcha nuestra sociedad de Primer Mundo y tres cuartos. La que llevamos un siglo malgastando apalancados en un modelo insostenible de generación y consumo. Pero también es un brindis por el modelo que viene. Que ya está aquí, aunque esté por hacer. Un modelo energético más sostenible en el que va a cambiar (está cambiando) la forma de generar, distribuir, almacenar, gestionar y consumir la energía. Por una vida mejor.

¿Cómo serán los coches del futuro? Entrevista tras la conferencia “Energía verde para un Planeta azul”.

26 Febrero 2014



New industrial methods for the preparation of high-quality graphene in large amounts

We arGraphene_thumbe not into making the finest square centimeter of graphene. Neither we are into making the oxidized stuff (although we know how to prepare it). We make large amounts of high-quality graphene (no oxygen) through our own fabrication method.


Nanofluids are HOT

nanofluids_thumbHeat Transfer Fluids (HTFs) have shown they are great at transferring heat at low temperatures. We want to understand why and we want them working at high temperatures for boosting thermal solar energy.


SupercapBatteries. Hybrid Supercapacitors made of hybrid electrodes for hybrid energy storage.

We worsupercapbatteries_thumbk on batteries (great energy, poor power), we work on supercapacitors (great power, poor energy). Now we also work on hybridizing them to get extra energy density while keeping high power.

NEW REVIEW: Hybrid Energy Storage. The merging of battery and supercapacitor chemistries. D.P. Dubal, O. Ayyad, V. Ruiz, and P. Gomez-Romero* Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44, 1777.   DOI: 10.1039/C4CS00266K

Micro-Supercapacitors with Silicon NanoWires

Nanowires Si MnO2_thumbA collaborative European project (NEST; Nanowire Energy Storage) integrating knowledge, integrating Europe.

NEW. European Patent: “Electrode material comprising silicon nanowires covered by a Mesoporous oxide nanostructured coating and salt-doped ionic liquid electrolytes for energy storage device”. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Deepak P. Dubal, David Aradilla, Gerard Bidan (CSIC, CEA). Solicitud de Patente Europea 15158311,   9-03-2015

New flow cell concepts for fast energy storage.

The ideENFs Graphene DL_thumba is storing fluids with high energy density in large tanks externally to the electrochemical reactor that we have always called battery. This type of liquid storage is bound to obliterate the word “intermittent“ out of renewable energies and even end up fueling our not-so-far-ahead future electric cars. Our novel materials provide fast charge-discharge processes. Patent Pending

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Advanced Nanomaterials Synthesis and Fabrication

We reliably synthesize different nanostructures of inorganic, organic and hybrid materials (nano-composites) using our long experience in inorganic chemistry, solid state “soft-chemistry“, polymers, materials chemistry and electrochemistry for the development of materials and devices for various energy storage and conversion applications. We have developed a set of synthetic and chemical fabrication techniques to obtain designed nanostructured materials with composition, particle size and shape control.

New Scheme or Adv