The people behind our work, present and past. They made it possible.

The NEO-Energy Group at ICN2 on December 14, 2021From left to right: Luis Martínez-Soria, Victor Fuentes, Jun-Jie Zhu, Pedro Gómez-Romero, Anukriti Pokhriyal, Verónica Fabián, Rosa González y Daniel Rueda-García


We hope to publish soon more recent pictures. The CoVid-19 has prevented us from doing it so far

Oct 12 2019

From left:  Daniel Rueda-García, Verónica Fabián, Dr. Bhawna Nagar, Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Dr. Raul Benages, Carlos Marchante, Dr. Rocío Rodriguez-Laguna, Jun-Jie Zhu.


Nov 2017. Late Fall Season in Bellaterra

From left: Katarina Gavalierova, Daniel Rueda-García, Mauri Jiménez, Dra. Zahilia Cabán-Huertas, Rocío Rodriguez-Laguna, Prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Dr. Raul Benages, Bhawna Nagar, Carlos Marchante.


Our NEO-Energy Team in Dec 2016 (Hong Chen missing)

Pilar Sánchez (4th from the left) and Ashwini Mohite (8th from the left) our new members

NEO Energy Jan 2016_04_small

January 2016

From left: Rocío Rodriguez-Laguna, Sanaz Tajik, Dr. Deepak Dubal, prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero, Daniel Rueda, prof. Fritz Hugenin, Bhawna Nagar, Hong Chen, Angel (Yun Lian) Wang, Zahilia Caban-Huertas.


NEO Energy Group 1032_29_01_2015_new_small

January 2015

From left: Zahilia Caban-Huertas, Hong Chen, Rocío Rodriguez-Laguna, Bhawna Nagar, Franciele Wolfart, prof. Pedro Gómez-Romero,  Daniel Rueda, Dr. Deepak Dubal, Dr. Girish Gund.


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